Continuum Version 10


<span classOpen-Sans-Medium-14">Continuum version 10 (aka BCC version 10) was released in October 2015. <a href/products/continuum/" titleContinuum from Boris FX - the best VFX plugin around"><span classOpen-Sans-Medium-14">Continuum version 11<span classOpen-Sans-Medium-14"> was released in November 2017.<span classOpen-Sans-Medium-14">

<span classOpen-Sans-Medium-14">New features of the Continuum version 10 release included: <span classOpen-Sans-Medium-14">
* Integrated Mocha planar tracking & masking
* Beauty Studio
* Title Studio
* Image Restoration Tools
* Light Leaks & Video Glitch
* New Transitions

<a href/products/continuum/" titleContinuum 11 from Boris FX">See the latest version, Continuum 11.